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Aka Jehovah- Namdy Cee

Aka Jehovah- Namdy Cee

Aka Jehovah is another soul lifting and spirit filled song by the dynamic gospel minister Namdy Cee whose song “Impossible Is Nothing” is still massively blessing lives across borders.

Aka Jehovah is translated as “Hand of God” and is a song that talks about the endless might of our God. His power breaks every yoke and He’s the God of signs and wonders.

Namdy Cee delivers the message in this song quite passionately and makes it personal, which makes the song very unique from a lot of songs you probably have heard.

Apart from the lyrics which are captivating and very powerful, the use of live instruments also gives the song that never fading blend of good instrumentation that is both helpful to vocalists and instrumentalists.

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You can download the song below:

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