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We cried blood
Till it became a flood
None can see but us
They can’t see from high up
So we scream loud enough
And we keep screaming looking up
Till they look down
Down at the damage they have done
Down at the pieces of flesh scattered around
Down at the people crying blood…

We begged for our lives
And they responded with more fire
Theit tanks of water meant to flush us out
Their cans of smoke meant to choke us out
But our pained voices kept screaming
Even if it hurt our throats deeply

They ordered us to stay at home
Called it the law to keep us home
But our keypads will not stop typing
Warriors never stop fighting
We were peaceful but they ignored it
Now they have created beasts of a burdened nation, they can’t ignore it.

We fight to survive
We fight for our basic rights
Beasts of no nation Fela said
Years later we still push ahead
They pushed us to the wall
Now we fight with our all

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