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Be Kind to yourself

Yes you have made mistakes
But ensure you do all it takes
To be kind to yourself
Forgive yourself
First before others do
It sounds like a weird doctrine
Or an absurd one too
But it profits to take care of you
To be kind to you
To take it easy on you

The world is a harsh place
We are in a rat race
Where there is no time for pampering
Ever moving ever enduring
So it only makes sense
That you give yourself a rest
And be kind to you first
You are doing your best
Never let people make you forget

This doctrine is easier said than done
When you remember all you have done
But while others judge you for sure
Remember no one is truly pure
In a world or judgment and finger pointing
Never let it get to you, keep moving

Don’t let the success of others intimidate
You are doing great at your own rate
Every man has got his own pace
This life is indeed a personal race
Never forget
Take care of your body
Pay attention to your soul
Don’t be harsh to your spirit
Don’t push yourself till you crash
You can only take what you were built for
So what’s the hurry for?

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